Wednesday, January 23, 2008


"HINDI HAIN HUM VATAN HAIN " famous lines pen down by Muhammad Iqbal . We all say Hindi is our national language but really is it so ,country has been divided into 28 so called states which have there own regional language and we never know in how many more parts will our politician will demarcate the boundary of one state or the other but what will put us together is our language ,which now a days is in a very bad state i am working in one of the most populated state of the nation where the work culture is somewhat cosmopolitan ,people come from different walks of life to work with and i was surprised that they either speak in English (thanks to the medium of work) or in there regional language, when i spoke to them regarding Hindi ,they either don't know and find hard to get with that form of language.this is really a bane on our culture,The states which are mostly suffering from this problem are from southern side such as Tamil Nadu and some North Eastern States too ,the people are proud to be Hindustani and they are helping the country in one way or the other but why they are not feeling comfortable with Hindi .The problem could be the elementary education which is not putting enough on this or some problem with the people itself .We must be proud of Hindi and try our level best to at least know it so that we never feel embarrassed and we didn't forget that we are Hindi first then .
The Telugu ,The Tamilian or The Bang la. Please help each other to bridge the Gap of regionalism.

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