Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Sometime I thought what they are made up of ,one is entirely opposite of the other ,if one likes to be on the page 3 of every newspaper then for the other what ultimately matter is his work ,if one want's to achieve all awards from the bollywood the other one wan't not less than an Oscar .
yes i am trying to pen down about the Badshah of bollywood and the Hukum of bollywood. Both have achieved more than what we did'nt expected if one has given new life to Hockey then the other one has entirely changed the thinking of common masses whether it is for there nation or for there childrens ,but at times i see that one is fully professional who can even dance in your marraige if you are ready to pay the appropriate amount ,and the other can do anything for free if it is going to help the society ,for him money is not the priority but satisfaction that's why he takes chances in working with those whom people don't know or we can say that he gave preference to the quality ahead of Name.One always wan't to be on the safer side and the other always wan't to create the safer sides on whichever side he is,His perfectionist tendencies and his unusual work habit -- shooting only one film at a time, in an industry where most actors bounce back and forth between several sets -- once made Aamir Khan a controversial curiosity. But now his debut directorial and star vehicle Lagaan and Rang de Basanti has garnered acclamation, Khan's example may change the way Bollywood works.While the other one who is now entering as an enterpreneur in IPL as an owner for one of the team is on the footpaths of other khan by trying his hands in different works too,but atlast we can happily say that they belong to INDIA which is more important and lastly we can say that Shahrukh is ahead of Aamir in one thing and that is his statue at Madam Tussads which does'nt matter to Aamir .