Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Last week was one of the most productive week of my life when we went to one of the municipal schools to meet the students and to understand what they feel,as vernacular was the medium of most of the municipal school it was no different here also , the school did'nt had much space so classes were conducted in two parts, students used to come bare foot or in sllipers,we met the teachers and discussed with them abt the current happenings in school, The devlopments and the loopholes which they think can overcome with the help of volunteers like us, As it was a joy of giving week we tried to get something for the childrens of those schools, I was feeling proud and at the same time disheartened with the way these childrens who are the so called futures of our country were given education, i have just one question to everyone.

With this sort of education are we really going to become the most developed nation in this world

If this is the level of primary education in our country then 100% of reservation also is not going to help,

BASIC EDUCATION with better Infrastructure is the need of the hour

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Educated Unemployed

Come back is not easy but its not impossible also, learning from the example of Ganguly,In our country there is only one Ganguly, who was known for his leadership skills, his never say die attitude made me to come back and write on issues which are over looked or not given any importance at all,My writing wont be full with words for which one has to go through dictionary,some days back i was just going through a write up where one of the renowned writer pen down his thought abt the huge number of educated unemployed people,we are proud of our 65% Population which is between 25- 50,what our govt is doing to create more employment,

“Anything that you say about India, the opposite is also true. But India is more than the sum of its contradictions”.

“600 million people don’t have electricity”
“260 million are below poverty line, i.e., < 30 rupees per day”
“400 million illiterates”
“540 million people < 25 years”
“60 million child labourers”
“72% of children in govt. schools drop out before 8th standard”
“IT employs a total of 5 million people, but 10 million people enter workforce each year”

What Govt is doing to overcome the loopholes,Its not abt Central Govt or the State Govt its about the promises which they did with the common masses for the votes, we have so many unsaid Kalavati's abt whom we don't know anything how they are seeing there life,when it comes to IT sector, i have been working with one of the major in this field, I always had a question in my mind why these major not spreading there wings in States like Madhya Pradesh,Uttar Pradesh,Uttranchal,Jharkhand,they are also the part of our country,some time back i made a visit in the state of MP which has the highest no of Educated unemployed people I saw so many pass outs from the various engineering colleges without jobs ,what the govt is doing for those uneducated masses,Do these govt can't impress the Giants of the IT industry to open a DC in there state which not only ensures a direct employment of around 8 to 10 thousand people but also that thousands of the people get indirect employment,One of the state in northern region where recently supreme court interfered, abt the statues being made with the hard earned money of the common masses ,paid in form of taxes,will somebody help me to tell the chief minister of that state, the important things for the masses are Electricity,Schools and Employment which will give her votes the next time not the statues, i don't see that there is any committee on the development front for the state has been constituted.When will the day come when these politician will think abt the masses and not abt there own well being The time has come for the Central Govt to take some strict decision and if the state govt are so irresponsible then i will ask my supreme court to interfere and do something at least for the common masses.who always come in the track of the politicians false promises.