Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Do we really value our independence which we can't even imagine what it took for those unsung heroes without whom independence could be the dream not only for us but also for those known freedom fighter who gave there all to get the independence from the clutches of mighty Britishers .Everyear our respected government celebrate the Independence day and republic day with great pomp and show ,where they easily spent crores of hard earned money of the common masses which come to the govt in form of taxes,Only one thing i wanna a know from my government what they have done for those unsung heroes,rather giving respect to people like VIR SAVARKAR,BHAGAT SINGH,RAJGURU, SUKHDEV our so called elite education board has described them A TERRORIST in there primary school books this is what our coming generation is going to learn from them.If we can't give them respect then we don't have any right to say them terrorist. I request the govt before they even think of any politician or there mentors for BHARAT RATNA,please give a thought for those people who didn't get the share of respect for what they were meant for whether he is Chandrashekhar Ajad or Bagha Jatin Mukherjee or Khudiram Bose or Ram Prasad Bismil or Subhas Chandra Bose , to name a few .please help me to remember what my government whether it is of Congress or BJP had done for them except putting a statue in any corner of the road of some or the other city we belong nothing more than that ,it would have been better if we would have done something for them and have set up a lesson for others.It's wrong to say but i am sorry to pen down here that we all want Bhagat Singh but in a neighbor 's house if everyone will think of the same then that day won't be far away when we will once again come into other's hand . wake up until it gets late

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


"HINDI HAIN HUM VATAN HAIN " famous lines pen down by Muhammad Iqbal . We all say Hindi is our national language but really is it so ,country has been divided into 28 so called states which have there own regional language and we never know in how many more parts will our politician will demarcate the boundary of one state or the other but what will put us together is our language ,which now a days is in a very bad state i am working in one of the most populated state of the nation where the work culture is somewhat cosmopolitan ,people come from different walks of life to work with and i was surprised that they either speak in English (thanks to the medium of work) or in there regional language, when i spoke to them regarding Hindi ,they either don't know and find hard to get with that form of language.this is really a bane on our culture,The states which are mostly suffering from this problem are from southern side such as Tamil Nadu and some North Eastern States too ,the people are proud to be Hindustani and they are helping the country in one way or the other but why they are not feeling comfortable with Hindi .The problem could be the elementary education which is not putting enough on this or some problem with the people itself .We must be proud of Hindi and try our level best to at least know it so that we never feel embarrassed and we didn't forget that we are Hindi first then .
The Telugu ,The Tamilian or The Bang la. Please help each other to bridge the Gap of regionalism.

Monday, January 21, 2008


From last few week there is a discussion in the power of corridors regarding the increase in the number of premiere institutions. The Planning Commission has proposed a plan which includes setting up eight new IIT's and seven new IIM's among other institutes.Nobody means nobody is ready to look beyond the CAT or the IITJEE,we have one more carrier or we can say the responsibility in form of INDIAN ARMY which now a days younger generation do not lo0k into .
One institution known as "INDIAN MILITARY ACADEMY" which inculcates,The Determination, The Confidence and The Never Say Die Attitude,in there cadet's which we won't find even in an IIM graduate.The time has come that the government come up with some blueprint on how they plan to make awareness on this front among the younger lot .There are some issues such as salary,family responsibility and work pressure which hamper new generation to take this as a carrier . We have our respected leaders and business hunks who comes out with motivating speeches every now and then but i personally haven't seen there descendant serving the forces.The Growth of 10% or 1 + crore salary or the booming of IT sector has no means if we are not protected from our enemies, if our govt sponsored institution can award 1 crore rupee for hitting 6 sixes then what is the issue in paying to those who not only protect our borders but most of the time play a crucial role at the time of calamities .

The mindset of common people has to be changed towards Army, so that more and more young blood can come and took the responsibility into there shoulders .

I personally request each parents of this country to please take this as a serious carrier for there loved ones and motivate them to join this .

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Indian Judicial System - (Govt Sponsored)

DO Indian Judicial System really works for the common masses, we all know there are cases which are pending from ages.Everyone comes with the idea of fast track court which can deliver the judgement fast but here the question arises are these so called "ADALATS" comes with the right verdict ,here we need to give a thought----------.We have Example such as Nitish Katara case , Jessica Lal murder Case where beside knowing that who is a culprit,still Judicial System remains silent on these cases,Recently in one of the cases (84 Sikhs riots) where sorry to say govt has done everything to save that guy, when we have a witness who is saying that he has seen that guy who led a mob to kill several Sikh's. Then why the judicial system taking so much time to deliver the justice and set an xample for others..The sort of patronage which our judicial system is providing to these so called politician and there wards will be unacceptable not only to me but also to the aam aadmi.Now the question arises what can be done by the govt in there capacity, The solution here could be, what government can do is to segregate all the cases according to the subject ,prirotise the things or the best could be Lateral Thinking.So that the faith which common people have in our judiciary(Do we have!) intact there.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


The hurricane of hysteria that has roared through Australia over the past week may have tarnished the image of the game, but it has also caught the world's attention and the way India has bounced back is just outstanding . Players like Mr Tony Greig wrote in an article that whatever happens in the tour"Perth test will end in 3 days with AUSTRALIA on a winning side" Attentiton MR Greig it took one day more than what u said, but the winner was the other side . Everyone thought a white wash after the Sydney fiasco ,but the one Man who was determined that they can do it was none other than MR Titan , who not only motivated his team but also took a bold decision of batting first on the so called bowler's paradise.This win belongs not only to the Indian team but to all those cricket fans who stand behind them during the second test . MR Gavasker defined this victory "the Greatest in last 40 years of Indian Cricket",this win will take Indian Cricket to the next level.The most promising things to come out from the Perth Test has been the return of Irfan Pathan and Virendra Sehwag, and both played a vital role in the Test match.As now the series is level(ANY DOUBTS) the next stop is Ade laid where we know on the last tour we won the match convincingly.Now the time has come to take Indian cricket and there players who come from cities like Bareily where u won't find even a Stadium with a good cricket pitch,seriously.Mr Ponting this might be the Start of an End.

Friday, January 18, 2008

The R Factor

From last fortnight all roads are leading to one or the other broking house ,everyone want's to earn qucik bucks by investing there money for a company whose name matters a lot not only in the Indian economy but globally.Yes i am talking about Reliance which came out with another IPO(the largest in Indian Market History)where the tag line was INDIA ON POWER ON. Question arises to whom Indian National are putting there money for , is it for Anil dhirubai Ambani or to R.yes the faith is still there in R itself people know there is worth putting there money for R which is 45 times oversubscribed till now.Before writing this there were 2.5 lakh appllication pending for opening a demat account this shows how people are eager to put there money in the issue. ADAG used, from Electronic media to Dabba Wallas for the subscription of there issue.People have shown there overwhelming response for the issue despite the markets which was in red from last two weeks and now the ball is in the court of MR Anil.who has to deliver the goods.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Innovative thinking ,Collective Effort,and Smart Planning resulted into the dreams of so many Indians who now can really think for a car which they dreamt off.Everyone know this dream as NANO, the small vehicle was burdened with great expectations, both from within and outside the company. if there is something to cheer about then snippy sarcasm and grudging admiration greeted the Indian Debut of the Tata Nano in the world's most mobile society ,where there are nearly twice as many cars as families. "it can seat five people.....if no one breathes," videshi news anchor said sardonically against the footage of the event .Time has come that globally people must accept that India is not only known for cheap labors but for people like MR Ratan Tata who bought Corus , MR Pandit who heads the US biggest Bank THE CITIBANK and last not least MR Mittal ,who heads the largest steel company of the world so sarcasm is welcome because it pushes us to achieve the unimaginable. NANO is the best example.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hats off to those who protect our Borders

These days most of the channels are coming out with Indian of the Year awards looking at there nomination I feel there is none other than our respected Jawans who not only leave there homes but there loved ones so that we can live safely. Do our politician really think for them no, not really . Recently Govt of India hiked the salary of our Supreme Commander of all the Forces ,but the question arises what about those soldiers who have not seen there villages from years ,are they really getting what they are meant for, there are some unanswered question which needs to be answered know . There are executives who are getting crores,and there are our Indian soldiers who in the name of perks get a card for canteen and admission in schools (Only K.V) for there wards ,where we know the standard of the Education .Time has come that our big business houses come forward and take the responsibility in helping our forgotten lot.Government must look after them Financially and Socially.----- " WO HAIN TO HUM HAIN

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Do IIM's Have a Transparency In Selection Process

IIM's have a very good reputation not only in our cour country but all over the world but are they really transparent in there selection process,no i don't think so why i am saying this because I do have some constructive evidences which can back my case strongly .i met a guy who scored in every secton more than the guy who has got the call from one or the other IIM's.If this keeps on happening then,The Trust ,The Respect ,The Values,The Credibility on which these great institutions moves will get hampered and will create a bad impression all over the world and last not least it will creat a sort of delima in the minds of younger generation who see there bright future in the hands of these coveted institutions.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Is Bharat Ratna for sale

Everyone want's to have Bharat Ratna for there seniors as if it's bidding is on and the highest bidder will be the sole owner of that ! where our political system is going i don't know it will be no surprise if Left (or any other so called political party) comes out with a new demand either bestowned Jyoti Basu with Bharat Ratna or we will take back our support from UPA.we have People like Mr Ratan Tata ,Mr Naraymurthy,MR Premji,Sri Sri Ravishankar,to name a few who have enough credential to earn this coveted award.