Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Last week was one of the most productive week of my life when we went to one of the municipal schools to meet the students and to understand what they feel,as vernacular was the medium of most of the municipal school it was no different here also , the school did'nt had much space so classes were conducted in two parts, students used to come bare foot or in sllipers,we met the teachers and discussed with them abt the current happenings in school, The devlopments and the loopholes which they think can overcome with the help of volunteers like us, As it was a joy of giving week we tried to get something for the childrens of those schools, I was feeling proud and at the same time disheartened with the way these childrens who are the so called futures of our country were given education, i have just one question to everyone.

With this sort of education are we really going to become the most developed nation in this world

If this is the level of primary education in our country then 100% of reservation also is not going to help,

BASIC EDUCATION with better Infrastructure is the need of the hour

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