Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Do we really value our independence which we can't even imagine what it took for those unsung heroes without whom independence could be the dream not only for us but also for those known freedom fighter who gave there all to get the independence from the clutches of mighty Britishers .Everyear our respected government celebrate the Independence day and republic day with great pomp and show ,where they easily spent crores of hard earned money of the common masses which come to the govt in form of taxes,Only one thing i wanna a know from my government what they have done for those unsung heroes,rather giving respect to people like VIR SAVARKAR,BHAGAT SINGH,RAJGURU, SUKHDEV our so called elite education board has described them A TERRORIST in there primary school books this is what our coming generation is going to learn from them.If we can't give them respect then we don't have any right to say them terrorist. I request the govt before they even think of any politician or there mentors for BHARAT RATNA,please give a thought for those people who didn't get the share of respect for what they were meant for whether he is Chandrashekhar Ajad or Bagha Jatin Mukherjee or Khudiram Bose or Ram Prasad Bismil or Subhas Chandra Bose , to name a few .please help me to remember what my government whether it is of Congress or BJP had done for them except putting a statue in any corner of the road of some or the other city we belong nothing more than that ,it would have been better if we would have done something for them and have set up a lesson for others.It's wrong to say but i am sorry to pen down here that we all want Bhagat Singh but in a neighbor 's house if everyone will think of the same then that day won't be far away when we will once again come into other's hand . wake up until it gets late

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