Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hats off to those who protect our Borders

These days most of the channels are coming out with Indian of the Year awards looking at there nomination I feel there is none other than our respected Jawans who not only leave there homes but there loved ones so that we can live safely. Do our politician really think for them no, not really . Recently Govt of India hiked the salary of our Supreme Commander of all the Forces ,but the question arises what about those soldiers who have not seen there villages from years ,are they really getting what they are meant for, there are some unanswered question which needs to be answered know . There are executives who are getting crores,and there are our Indian soldiers who in the name of perks get a card for canteen and admission in schools (Only K.V) for there wards ,where we know the standard of the Education .Time has come that our big business houses come forward and take the responsibility in helping our forgotten lot.Government must look after them Financially and Socially.----- " WO HAIN TO HUM HAIN

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