Thursday, January 17, 2008


Innovative thinking ,Collective Effort,and Smart Planning resulted into the dreams of so many Indians who now can really think for a car which they dreamt off.Everyone know this dream as NANO, the small vehicle was burdened with great expectations, both from within and outside the company. if there is something to cheer about then snippy sarcasm and grudging admiration greeted the Indian Debut of the Tata Nano in the world's most mobile society ,where there are nearly twice as many cars as families. "it can seat five people.....if no one breathes," videshi news anchor said sardonically against the footage of the event .Time has come that globally people must accept that India is not only known for cheap labors but for people like MR Ratan Tata who bought Corus , MR Pandit who heads the US biggest Bank THE CITIBANK and last not least MR Mittal ,who heads the largest steel company of the world so sarcasm is welcome because it pushes us to achieve the unimaginable. NANO is the best example.

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