Saturday, January 19, 2008


The hurricane of hysteria that has roared through Australia over the past week may have tarnished the image of the game, but it has also caught the world's attention and the way India has bounced back is just outstanding . Players like Mr Tony Greig wrote in an article that whatever happens in the tour"Perth test will end in 3 days with AUSTRALIA on a winning side" Attentiton MR Greig it took one day more than what u said, but the winner was the other side . Everyone thought a white wash after the Sydney fiasco ,but the one Man who was determined that they can do it was none other than MR Titan , who not only motivated his team but also took a bold decision of batting first on the so called bowler's paradise.This win belongs not only to the Indian team but to all those cricket fans who stand behind them during the second test . MR Gavasker defined this victory "the Greatest in last 40 years of Indian Cricket",this win will take Indian Cricket to the next level.The most promising things to come out from the Perth Test has been the return of Irfan Pathan and Virendra Sehwag, and both played a vital role in the Test match.As now the series is level(ANY DOUBTS) the next stop is Ade laid where we know on the last tour we won the match convincingly.Now the time has come to take Indian cricket and there players who come from cities like Bareily where u won't find even a Stadium with a good cricket pitch,seriously.Mr Ponting this might be the Start of an End.

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