Sunday, January 20, 2008

Indian Judicial System - (Govt Sponsored)

DO Indian Judicial System really works for the common masses, we all know there are cases which are pending from ages.Everyone comes with the idea of fast track court which can deliver the judgement fast but here the question arises are these so called "ADALATS" comes with the right verdict ,here we need to give a thought----------.We have Example such as Nitish Katara case , Jessica Lal murder Case where beside knowing that who is a culprit,still Judicial System remains silent on these cases,Recently in one of the cases (84 Sikhs riots) where sorry to say govt has done everything to save that guy, when we have a witness who is saying that he has seen that guy who led a mob to kill several Sikh's. Then why the judicial system taking so much time to deliver the justice and set an xample for others..The sort of patronage which our judicial system is providing to these so called politician and there wards will be unacceptable not only to me but also to the aam aadmi.Now the question arises what can be done by the govt in there capacity, The solution here could be, what government can do is to segregate all the cases according to the subject ,prirotise the things or the best could be Lateral Thinking.So that the faith which common people have in our judiciary(Do we have!) intact there.

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