Friday, January 18, 2008

The R Factor

From last fortnight all roads are leading to one or the other broking house ,everyone want's to earn qucik bucks by investing there money for a company whose name matters a lot not only in the Indian economy but globally.Yes i am talking about Reliance which came out with another IPO(the largest in Indian Market History)where the tag line was INDIA ON POWER ON. Question arises to whom Indian National are putting there money for , is it for Anil dhirubai Ambani or to R.yes the faith is still there in R itself people know there is worth putting there money for R which is 45 times oversubscribed till now.Before writing this there were 2.5 lakh appllication pending for opening a demat account this shows how people are eager to put there money in the issue. ADAG used, from Electronic media to Dabba Wallas for the subscription of there issue.People have shown there overwhelming response for the issue despite the markets which was in red from last two weeks and now the ball is in the court of MR Anil.who has to deliver the goods.

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