Monday, January 21, 2008


From last few week there is a discussion in the power of corridors regarding the increase in the number of premiere institutions. The Planning Commission has proposed a plan which includes setting up eight new IIT's and seven new IIM's among other institutes.Nobody means nobody is ready to look beyond the CAT or the IITJEE,we have one more carrier or we can say the responsibility in form of INDIAN ARMY which now a days younger generation do not lo0k into .
One institution known as "INDIAN MILITARY ACADEMY" which inculcates,The Determination, The Confidence and The Never Say Die Attitude,in there cadet's which we won't find even in an IIM graduate.The time has come that the government come up with some blueprint on how they plan to make awareness on this front among the younger lot .There are some issues such as salary,family responsibility and work pressure which hamper new generation to take this as a carrier . We have our respected leaders and business hunks who comes out with motivating speeches every now and then but i personally haven't seen there descendant serving the forces.The Growth of 10% or 1 + crore salary or the booming of IT sector has no means if we are not protected from our enemies, if our govt sponsored institution can award 1 crore rupee for hitting 6 sixes then what is the issue in paying to those who not only protect our borders but most of the time play a crucial role at the time of calamities .

The mindset of common people has to be changed towards Army, so that more and more young blood can come and took the responsibility into there shoulders .

I personally request each parents of this country to please take this as a serious carrier for there loved ones and motivate them to join this .

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